Publisert 01.01.2020

Regenics awarded 17.3 mill NOK to coordinate EU BlueBio Cofund R&D project

Regenics awarded 17.3 mill NOK to coordinate EU BlueBio Cofund R&D project. RISE (Swe) and Charles River (US) partners

Regenics initiates an R&D project January 1st 2020 to integrate our US, EPO and RoW patented bioactive HTX ("Heat treated X") into a 3D printed wound patch using only marine derived ingredients. HTX is produced from the cytoplasma of unfertilized Norwegian salmon roe and has shown wound closure acceleration in human skin explants.

The project is awarded 17.3 mill NOK jointly from the EU commission (25%) and a European consortium of national fundors from 17 countries (75%) under Horizon 2020 from January 1st 2020 to 2023. The funding is awarded by the EU BlueBio Cofund consortium. A total of 19 European projects were selected for funding and Regenics AS was the only non academic partner to coordinate on of the consortia.

Funding for the coordinator Regenics AS is provided  by the Research Council of Norway, while FORMAS (Swe) and Innovationsfonden (Dk) are the funding bodies of the Swedish and Danish partners, RISE Institute (Swe) and Charles Rivers Lab (US, Dk).

The project will attempt an integration, biorelease, animal testing and human skin safety assessment of a 3D printed wound patch made solely from marine components. 

For more info, please contact Henrik Lund at or mobile +47 90971219


Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.