US patent granted June 2018
Upcoming event: 37C Health Meeting Stavanger
Regenics AS attends the 37C "Digitalization in Health" meeting on June 19-20 of June 2018 at Forus Stavanger. CEO Henrik Lund, co-chairs the meeting    
Regenics AS Annual Report 2017
Regenics post a small positive 2017 result with topline in excess of 0.047 mill NOK. 
Notice and Protocol of Annual Meeting 2018
June 13th 2018 Notice of Annual Meeting June 28th 2018. The Annual Meeting 2018 will take place at the Companys site Karvesvingen 2. 2, Oslo from 2 pm to 5 pm.
Innovation Norway grants Innovation Contract to Regenics AS
Regenics AS was May 18th 2018 awarded an Innovation Contract from Innovation Norway. The Innovation Contract has a total budget of 14.3 million NOK to support the development of Vernex®...
Updated share info May 7th 2018
Regenics AS provides updated share info and shareowner distribution as per May 7th 2018
Regenics Board Meeting No 1 2018
March 2nd 2018
Protocol from Extraordinary Annual Meeting December 15th 2017
December 15th 2017 Protocoll of Extraordinary Annual Meeting December 15th 2017. The Annual Meeting 2017 took place in the Companys office, Karvesvingen. 2, Oslo
Succesfull placement of share issue December 2017
According to resolutions by the Board of Directors on December 15th 2017 a limited private placement of a total of 129.729 shares at a price of 17.15 NOK per share...
Publication: Japan-US researchers shows pacific roe boosting collagen mRNA production in skin cells
Pacific chum salmon roe extracts show boosting of collagen I mRNA production in skin cells and induction of anti-oxidative genes.
Phillippe Collas awarded research grant from the Norwegian Cancer Society
The Norwegian Cancer Society (kreftforeningen.no), has November 3rd 2017 awarded 6 mill NOK to Professor Philippe Collas, University of Oslo for the project (norwegian): "Nytt klassifiseringsverktøy for brystkreft".
New SME Instrument 2 application submitted
October 18th 2017, Regenics submits its second  SME Instruments 2 funding application for Vernex® in psoriasis based on EU Commision Seal of Excellence" project obtained July 17th 2017.
New Eurostars application for Regenics
September 18th 2017, Regenics submits its second  Eurostars R&D funding application for Vernex® in psoriasis based on EU Commision Seal of Excellence" project.
EU Commision upgrades "Seal of Excellence" projects for funding
EU Commision urges national bodies to fund Horizon 2020 "Seal of Excellence" projects throug a press release of May 17th 2017
Protocoll from Annual Meeting June 27th 2017
June 27th 2017 Protocoll of Annual Meeting June 27nd 2017. The Annual Meeting 2017 took place in the Companys office, Karvesvingen. 2, Oslo
Succesfull placement of share issue August 2017
Regenics announces the succesfull private placement of new shares.

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June 17-19th 2019

The Smart Patient. Regenics (CEO H.Lund co-chair)

Program 2019

December 15th 2018

DnB Healtcare Conference 2018


October 5-6th 2018

Wound Healing and Skin Diseaes, Los Angeles (CEO H.Lund keynote invitation)

June 19th – 20th 2018

Conference Biotech-Medtech-Expo, Stavanger (CEO H.Lund co-chair)

Program (tbd)


June 5-6th 2017

Investor Conference Biotech-Medtech, Stavanger (CEO co-chair)

Program (tbd)

March 9th 2017

Roundtable Conference in investing in Biotech, CEO Henrik Lund, moderator for the Event at Stavanger Forum Oslo

Program Roundtable Conference Stavanger

March 8th 2017

War on Cancer Nordics, CEO Henrik Lund in closing panel at the Economist Event in Oslo

Program Economist Event Oslo

December 15th 2016

DnB Healtcare Conference 2016, CMO Christian Clemm provides company update in the ventture session

Regenics presentation

October 19-20-21 2016

Biomarine Convention, CEO Henrik Lund, participating at Convention in Oslo

Program Biomarine Business Conference

October 19th 2016

DnB Next at Oslo Innovation Week, CSO Gry Lønne, presenting Regenics Company update in Oslo

program DNB Next healthcare Regenics presentation

September 25-28 2016

At the 4th Congress on Innovation in Drug Delivery in Antibes, Regenics presented abstract.

Abstract 4th Congress on Innovation in Drug Delivery

October 22-24 2015

Joint Meeting of the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) and the Wound Healing Society (WHS), Regenics presented abstract

Abstract 7th ETRS-WHS meeting

Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.