Did you know that all cosmetics ingredient have an INCI name?

An INCI name is required for the ingredient list on the packaging of a cosmetic product.


The INCI name for LEX® is 'roe extract'; a unique INCI name listed in Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China - IECIC(2014).



LEX® from Regenics AS has a unique INCI name ROE EXTRACT. LEX® is the only ingredient in the world with this INCI name.

'Roe extract' is listed in Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China - IECIC(2014) and LEX® is thus approved as a cosmetic ingredient in China.


What is INCI by the way?

INCI is an abbreviation for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. INCI is a system of names for all cosmetic ingredients such as oils, pigments, waxes, etc. INCI names are recognized around the world to identify cosmetic ingredients and are referenced by regulation for product labeling in many countries. According to EU cosmetics directive (76/768/eec), the list of ingredients should be presented as INCI names and placed on the outer packaging in descending order of concentration. Listing of ingredients is particularly important for consumers seeking a specific ingredient or want to avoid one.

Ingredients present at a concentration of 1% or less may be listed in random order at the end of the ingredient list. 

Colorants other than colorants intended to color hair may be listed in any order after the other cosmetic ingredients. Perfume and aromatic compositions shall be referred to by the terms parfum or aroma. All ingredients present in the form of nanomaterials shall be clearly indicated in the list of ingredients. The names of such ingredients shall be followed by the word nano in brackets. 

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