Regenics started colaboration with Medibiome in 2015 as an outsourcing partner for our first ex vivo skin model with Vernex, which allowed comparison of re-epithelialization and healing under both normal growth and suboptimal or “hard to heal” conditions where exposure conditions for the skin explants can be varied.

Medibiome offers a unique set of services to meet the needs of manufacturers from a wide range of businesses that are looking to outsource their research and development activities. Medibiome is an independent, research-driven contract laboratory that focuses on alternative methods to animal studies. They also conduct their own research to build valuable knowledge about alternative methods that can support the projects of our customers.

Since 2010 Medibiome has been filling the need for a stand-alone partner that can deliver trustworthy results as well as improved, more effective products in the long term. Today, Medibiome provides customers within the life sciences industry, such as medical device companies, hygiene and cosmetics companies and universities, with effective research that is conducted using relevant and ethical methods.

Based in Mölndal, Sweden, Medibiome facilitates work with cell lines, synthetic and human-derived tissues, both anaerobic, aerobic microorganisms, multi-resistant pathogens and biofilms. Their areas of expertise are microbial analyses, including biofilm studies, wound healing, and soft tissue interactions with biomaterials such as implants, and biocompatibility.

Since 2011, the company has been certified to comply with the norms of the quality and environmental management system, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, respectively.


Contact information:

Kråketorpsgatan 30
SE-431 53 Mölndal


Regenics' contact person:
Kristina Blom, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Managing Director

Regenics AS have developed clinical proof of efficacy and safety  in human 2 degree burn wounds for our products Collex® and Vernex®.

The procudts are beeing developed as class III devices. WoundClear® is developed as a BLA/EU CP biotech drug.