EU Commision upgrades "Seal of Excellence" projects for funding
EU Commision urges national bodies to fund Horizon 2020 "Seal of Excellence" projects throug a press release of May 17th 2017
Protocoll from Annual Meeting June 27th 2017
June 27th 2017 Protocoll of Annual Meeting June 27nd 2017. The Annual Meeting 2017 took place in the Companys office, Karvesvingen. 2, Oslo
Notice of Annual Meeting June 27nd 2017
June 20th 2017 Notice of Annual Meeting June 27nd 2017. The Annual Meeting 2016 will take place in the Companys office, Karvesvingen. 2, Oslo at 5 pm.
Japan patent issued
Regenics marine technology has been granted Japanese patent on July 21st 2017
Research Council grant PES 2020
Regenics AS was today awarded a contribution from the Research Council from the PES2020 program for an above treshold rating of its SME Instruments 2 application of June 2017.   
Regenics wins EU Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence
Regenics AS, Oslo, Norway, awarded with Horizon 2020 ‘Seal of Excellence’
Regenics joins consortium for biological drug development receiving 16 mill SEK from Vinnova
Regenics Norway joins international consortium funded by 16 mill SEK from Vinnova, Sweden
Product agreement with Farmona
Regenics has today agreed with Farmona (PL) a test production of various formulations of its biomarine cosmetic ingredient LEX.  
More US news coverage of Sapelo Skin care with LEX®
Sapelo Skin Care LEX cosmetics recieves more US press
Sapelo Skin Care US takes LEX® salmon roe extract to Hollywood
Sapelo Skin Care's new Salmon roe Spring Tide Serum is reported by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the new Luxe Skin Care Products, in company with diamond dust, 24-karat gold,...
Additional EPO patent granted
The European Patent Office has issued an additional new patent covering Regenics AS proprietary technology. The patent was granted on November 2, 2016 as Patent Number EP 2296676. The patent expires May 7th,...
New office location in Oslo
Karvesvingen 2, 0579, Oslo, Norway.   
Gaselle bedrift 2016
Regenics AS one of Norways best performing companies 2016. Out of 264.000 registered businesess i Norway, 2481 companies (0.93 % of all) was selected in 2016 as "Gaselle" (gazelles) based on...
Regenics launch of new website
New website October 12th 2016!
Regenics attends BioMarine Business Convention in Oslo, Norway, October 19-21 2016
  BioMarine 2016 will focus on demonstrating the utility and feasibility of achieving a ‘full circle’ of the blue industry value chain. Extracting the ingredients and marine compounds produced during each...
3D printing Agreement with Chalmers, Sweden
Regenics AS, Norway enter into an agreement with Chalmers, Sweden  on exploring Vernex™ for 3D bioprinting.

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Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.