Publisert 06.07.2013

Publication: Int J Cosmetic Science 2013

Regenics publish peer reviewed, randomized, double-blind study showing significant positive changes in human skin exposed to salmon roe extract. Lønne et al.  Int J. Cosmetic Science 2013

Randomized double blinded studies  with objective skin parameter assesments are rare in cosmetology. Regenics publish today in the peer reviewed journal International Journal of Cosmetic Science, a randomized, double-blind study showing significant positive changes in skin exposed to salmon roe extract over placebo. (Lønne et al.  Int J Cosmet Sci 2013)

In this study, 66 asian healthy volunteers was exposed to  salmon roe 1% to 5% w/v or placebo for 4 to 8 weeks b.i.d.. Dermatologists at the Department of Dermatology, No.1 Hospital of China Medical University, demonstrated significant reduction of wrinkles and redness of the skin. A subtle whitening of the skin and improved overall reduction in fine lines was observed. First author of the study, Chief Scientific Officer at Regenics AS, says: "We have not seen comparable and more rapid changes in skin appearance in a controlled study than what we report in collaboration with dermatologists at a leading Chinese Dermatology Clinic. We look forward to commercialization of anti-age skin products based on our salmon roe technology."



Regenics AS have developed clinical proof of efficacy and safety  in human 2 degree burn wounds for our products Collex® and Vernex®.

The procudts are beeing developed as class III devices. WoundClear® is developed as a BLA/EU CP biotech drug.