Publisert 01.08.2016

Publication: TGA Sciences, Inc., US provides collagen data for salmon roe extract

TGA logoRegenics releases salmon roe collagen boosting data in human fibroblasts performed by TGA Sciences, Inc., US.  


Regenics releases today releases new data supporting the company's own collagen boosting data from 2013 in human fibroblasts performed by TGA Sciences, Inc., US. The new supportive data show superior collagen I production to vit C (ascorbic acid), TGF-ß1 and FGF-b and confirm collagen boosting efficacy across fibroblast cell lines in support of clinical data in humans. The data show an impressing >370% increase in collagen I secretion of 2.5% salmon roe extract with clear dose range behavior. All doses above 0.5% salmon roe extract show higher collagen I stimulation than vit C (ascorbic acid), TGF-ß1 and FGF-b (positive controls).

CSO Gry Lønne Eriksson says: "We find these results very important as it proves not only that our in-house results can be reproduced by another laboratory according to their standard procedures, but also that the increased collagen secretion upon stimulation with the salmon roe extract works across human skin fibroblast cell lines."

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