Publisert 06.10.2016

Regenics attends BioMarine Business Convention in Oslo, Norway, October 19-21 2016


BioMarine 2016 will focus on demonstrating the utility and feasibility of achieving a ‘full circle’ of the blue industry value chain. Extracting the ingredients and marine compounds produced during each stage of the value chain can help to produce new nutraceuticals, cosmetic products, or even cancer treatment drugs. Aquaculture is already ahead of the curve on this and has successfully managed to transform the by-products of their activities into blue gold. 

Regenics attends the meeting with CEO Henrik Lund

Meeting info

For 1:1 meetings at the convention, please contact us.


Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.