Publisert 01.02.2017

Sapelo Skin Care US collaboration

Sapelo Skin Care's new Salmon roe Spring Tide Serum is reported by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the new Luxe Skin Care Products, in company with diamond dust, 24-karat gold, pearls and caviar.


The US company Sapelo Skin Care has launched a new high-end product, Spring Tide Serum, with high concentration of Regenics' cosmetic ingredient, LEX®, bringing Arctic red caviar to consumers in the entire continental US and beyond.

The serum is in good company with four luxurious top-shelf products featured in the Hollywood Reporter as “must have” products to help turn back the clock in 2017.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, salmon roe is the new "it" ingredient, thanks to its ability to boost collagen production and improve hyaluronic-acid secretion and cell hydration.

LEX® is a product of extensive research into the potent biological effects of salmon roe on human skin.  LEX® is a particularly potent in   boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid production in skin fibroblasts. It is proven clinically to decrease wrinkles and rejuvenate skin (Lønne et al. Int. J Cosm. Science, 2013). Spring Tide Serum contains a high concentration of LEX® salmon roe extract corresponding to the strongest clinical effect.


Regenics AS have developed clinical proof of efficacy and safety  in human 2 degree burn wounds for our products Collex® and Vernex®.

The procudts are beeing developed as class III devices. WoundClear® is developed as a BLA/EU CP biotech drug.