Publisert 09.09.2016

3D printing Agreement with Chalmers, Sweden

Regenics AS, Norway enter into an agreement with Chalmers, Sweden  on exploring Vernex™ for 3D bioprinting.

Today Regenics AS, Norway entered into an LoI (Letter of Intent) and MAT (Material Transfer Agreement) with the 3D Bioprinting Center, BBV at Biotech Center at Chalmers, Sweden. The Agreement covers collaborative and potential business collaboration for Vernex™, as a potential ingredient in bioink used in 3D bioprinting. 

See 3D-bioprinting in action 



Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.