Publisert 02.11.2016

EPO patent granted 2016

The European Patent Office has issued an additional new patent covering Regenics AS proprietary technology. The patent was granted on November 2, 2016 as Patent Number EP 2296676. The patent expires May 7th, 2029.

 The patent will be initially validated in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, and Denmark. More countries will follow.

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More info: Christian Clemm, CMO at or mobile +47 95892548

The patent number is EP Patent No. 2296676

EP Patent Application No. 09742464.2

EP Regional Phase Entry of PCT/IB2009/005836

International filing Date: 07-May-2009


For more information contact:

Christian Clemm at or mobile +47 95892548


Regenics AS have developed clinical proof of efficacy and safety  in human 2 degree burn wounds for our products Collex® and Vernex®.

The procudts are beeing developed as class III devices. WoundClear® is developed as a BLA/EU CP biotech drug.