Regenics are in the process of exploring funding for  several indications   in addition to Vernex®. The indication for treating mild to moderate psoriasis with a topical formulation is in funding process.

A Horizon 2020 aplication for funding of 1.2 mill Euro was submitted on September 18th 2017. The funding decisison is expected early 2018.

The psoriasis indicatiuon has also been evaluated in the EU SME Instruments 2 evaluation recieving a EU "Seal of Excellence" in July 2017.

The compoany therfore assess the chances of obtaining funding is good.  The psoriasis indication is like Vernex under development for a CE-marked (EU) wound healing Medical Device, class III, followed by a 510k (US) clearance post CE-marking. 

The intended use claim for the psoriasis indication will be updated soon. iThe psoriasis indication will be developed with partners RISE AB, Histocenter AB and a US academic site.   The risk in the project is high, the indication of psoriasis has not been clinically tested.



Scientifically documented and patented claims in psoriasis (tbc)

Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.