Since its establishment in 1905, the University of Michigan Department of Dermatology has been a leader in patient care, research and education. The U-M Department of Dermatology maintains a strong commitment to clinical service, translating research discoveries into improved patient care and world-class education programs. Dedication to scientific research has made the University of Michigan a leading center for the investigation of many skin diseases. With talented and internationally respected faculty, the U-M Department of Dermatology has trained generations of world-class dermatologists.

Through our innovative research, dedication to education and compassionate clinical service, we have advanced the field of dermatology while providing unprecedented care for patients.


Contact information:

UM Dermatology
Medical Science I
1301 Catherine
Room R6447
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5609

Phone: (734) 615 2403
Fax: (734) 647-0076

Regenics AS has developed a number of assays and techniques to study effects of various substances on skin cells both in vitroin vivo and in the clinic. Our focus is to develop products and techniques for therapeutic skin applications and to improve skin appearance.