Vernex™ protective wound healing device containing a small amount of salmon roe extract. Salmon roe extract have shown a series of pre-clinical effect on ex vivo skin and skin cells that could be beneficial for wound healing.

The Vernex® device is a lipid hydrogel where the main component, the hydrogel provides mechanical wound protection and serves as a base for solubilizing  salmon roe extract.

The hydrogel is a well-known and documented as biologically inert. Its commonly used in topical skin devices without having intrinsic biological effect on skin closure per se. The hydrogel covers the wound, preserve wetness and protect the wound surface.

The final device contains  salmon roe extract, sterilized  at pH 7.4. Salmon roe extract, is presumed to improve the environment in which re-epithelialization of a wound surface takes place.  This is supported by the findings in an ex-vivo human explant skin study of secondary degree burns, where the salmon roe extract is shown to increase re-epithelialization of wound surfaces compared to control. 

The prospective profile of Vernex® will support scientifically documented and patented claims:

  • VERNEX® speeds up reepitelialization of wounds
  • VERNEX® skin safety tested
  • VERNEX® causes no irritation or sensitization
  • VERNEX® delivered as hydrogel formulation
  • VERNEX® increases fibroblast migration
  • VERNEX® increases collagen synthesis
  • VERNEX® enhances hyaluronic acid secretion
  • VERNEX® increases elastin production

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