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Positive Collex trial results published in JBCR

A controlled, prospective trial in minipigs found that partial-thickness burn wounds treated with Collex healed faster, and was subject to reduced inflammation, compared to wounds treated with the non-bioactive control patch Jelonet. Further in vitro experiments demonstrated anti-inflammation and reduced oxidative stress in macrophages, supporting the animal trial results.

These results were recently published in the Journal of Burn Care and Research, the official publication of the American Burn Association. The animal trial was conducted by Scantox according to Good Laboratory Practice, under license approved by the National Animal Experiments Inspectorate of Denmark.

Burn wounds are typically associated with slow and painful healing, as well as excessive inflammation contributing to significant scarring. Regenics, together with Research Institutes of Sweden, have developed Collex to target burns, diabetic and other chronic wounds. Collex is a moist hydrogel patch from all-marine ingredients, including HTX, our patented, bioactive treated extract from unfertilized salmon roe.

Building on a strong pre-clinical foundation, Regenics is now planning to take Collex to clinical trials on human burn wounds. We believe Collex has the potential to greatly improve treatment outcomes for burn wound patients, at significant cost savings for care providers.