3D printed all-marine hydrogel wound dressing
Wound healing
HTX from salmon roe• Advanced wound dressing• Medical device class III
Collex® is an advanced hydrogel wound dressing containing HTX™ salmon roe extract.
Collex® is currently in the late pre-clincial stage, with demonstrated significant beneficial effects on wound healing rates.

The development of Collex® is led by Regenics, with joint support from a.o. RISE AB (Sweden) and Scantox A/S (Denmark). The project is supported by a 17.3 mill NOK grant from the EU BlueBio Cofund.

Collex® is tentatively designated as a Medical Device, class III. The company intends to market the device in the US, European and other large markets.
Collex® is a 3D bioprinted advanced wound dressing designed to aid healing of partial thickness burns and chronic wounds, including diabetic and chronic vascular ulcers. With Collex®, Regenics aims to redefine the current standards of care in wound treatment.

Collex® is constructed with all-marine ingredients, sourced from the Norwegian coast. The patch is consists of alginate from brown algae, nanocellulose from tunicates, and HTX™, our proprietary salmon roe extract.
A quick summary of Collex®
Natural ingredients
A 3D printed all-marine advanced wound healing device.
HTX™ from salmon roe
Burns and chronic wounds
Late pre-clinical
  • Fourth most common type of trauma globally
  • Often painful and slow to heal
  • Characterized by excessive inflammation
  • May cause significant scarring, disfigurement and disability
Facts on burn injuries
  • Combines qualities of many current standard-of-care products
  • Contains HTX™ to facilitate the unique healing properties of salmon roe
  • Faster wound closure with less complications
  • Reduction of inflammation, pain and scarring
Potential advantages of Collex®
Vernex® is an HTX™-based hydrogel wound spray, intended for treatment of partial thickness burns and chronic wounds.

WoundClear™ is a novel drug derived from trout LCE, intended for enzymatic wound debridement.

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