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Regenics launches in vivo trial of Collex®

Oslo, April 4: Regenics tody announced the commencement of a pre-clinical in vivo trial of Collex®, a unique, 3D printed, advanced wound dressing containing HTX™ from salmon roe. Collex® is intended to aid healing of partial thickness burns and chronic wounds, and with it, Regenics aims to redefine the current standards of care. Read more about Collex® here.

The GLP-certified study, run at Scantox (Denmark), aims to investigate efficacy and safety of Collex® in a live minipig model. Furthermore, the results are expected to guide a subsequent first-in-human clinical pilot study. Preliminary results will be processed as the study progresses, with a full report expected in H2 2022.

The development of Collex® is a joint project between Regenics, Scantox and RISE (Sweden), with funding from the EU BlueBio Cofund, Norwegian Forskningsrådet, Danish Innovationsfonden and Swedish Formas.

The trial follows strict ethical and animal welfare guidelines, and is carried out under a license approved by the Danish National Animal Experiments Inspectorate.

For more information, contact Regenics CEO Karl Bryn at